A step towards saving our planet

with small changes to your website

Your website strains the planet's climate by emitting CO2 - but luckily you can improve your emission - and improve the climate.


The environment

Has reached its limits whether we
like it or not

Global tempature since 1880 is up 1,5 °C

Sea level change 3.3 mm per year

The consumers

Are becoming rapidly more environmental aware and are expressing that

Brands should be visibly sustainable : 67%
They want to do different: 81%
Brands should be more sustainable: 83%
They'll pay more for eco-friendly products: 59%

The digital strain

Has a big environmental impact contributing to climate change

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of global carbon emission is caused by digital products 

0 %

is the yearly increase in energy consumption of the digital technologies

0 %

of CO2 generating data flow is created by our use of online video

0 %

grams of carbon emissions whenever a page loads

If the internet was a country, it would
be the 6th biggest polluter in the world!

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United States
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The internet

Share of total CO2 emission


We will help reduce your website's climate impact in 3 important steps



We will make a thorough analysis of your website to gather insights on how to reduce it's climate impact without having to compromise on visual identity and user experience.



We will develop a report on the insights, which will result in specific opportunities and initiatives to improve your website with the purpose of protecting the planet.



We can help reducing climate change with small initiatives such as your website. We know the importance of delivering the right solutions. Using gained insights from the previous 2 steps, we build you a website less energy consuming.

We are your environmentally conscious agency

As you may have noticed by now, web hosting is very energy consuming. We are proud to be able to offer 100% emissions-free hosting. Are you interested in learning more?

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